Bonia SS2015 : Nuovo

  • 24 Apr
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“I paint the joie de vivre of this transitional season with the reviving colours of nature, indulging myself on the blend of classic vintage and designer’s au courant ideas. This is the colour of my vogue- BONIA.”

City life is just like the kaleidoscope- the vividness of patterns resembles the urbanites as well as their lifestyles. Sitting by the sidewalk café, I sipped the aromatic coffee as I set my eyes on the groups of passerby; and I realised that I’m not the only one who’s having my morning coffee which act as energy booster for hectic morning. Almost every of us try to freshen up our every day in various ways- a dose of caffeine in the aromatic liquid, a newspaper to catch up with the latest news from every corner of the world and also a set of smart and chic outfit.

When you spend your day in the boutiques, do you catch yourself darting your eyes on clothes and accessories that neatly display on the rack? You are aware that you’re looking for something new and suitable; yet still wondering what should you pick from the many varieties that fill your sights? We’ve always wanted to feel fresh. But, what is the definition of fresh new looks?

As we are always one step ahead in the fashion society, BONIA Spring/Summer 2015 unleashed NUOVO. Nuovo is an Italian noun that brings the meaning of NEW and FRESH. BONIA’s designers introduce you the brand new concept for this brand new season of 2015, deciding to fresh you up with the new designs that painted with new colours that remind you of the winsomeness and freshness of awaken warm seasons- spring and summer.



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