Arrival of Sonia Sui in Malaysia

  • 05 Dec
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On 29 November 2013, BONIA marked another milestone when the international leatherwear introduced Taiwan’s supermodel/actress Sonia Sui as its first international brand ambassador for Singapore and Malaysia in year 2013 and 2014 during its press conference at BONIA boutique at KL Pavilion.

Confidence and versatility are true reflections of BONIA’s brand identity which Sonia Sui is fittingly described. “Sonia Sui is highly respected in the industry for her quick adaptability and determination, which led to her soaring popularity in countries across Asia.” said Daniel Chiang, Brand Director of BONIA.

Upon announcing Sonia Sui’s arrival at KL Pavilion, Mr Owen Yap, the host of the day, who is also a well-known Presenter and Host in Malaysia, invited the famous Taiwan celebrity and Mr Geoffroy, BONIA’s Business Development General Manager to be on stage for an interview session. “I love BONIA and I am proud to be their brand ambassador because of its premium design, elegant brand and its rich history. I hope that I can work closely with BONIA in future to deliver even more designs so that we can bring up the brand to another level,” exclaimed Sonia Sui.

After the Q&A sessions from the media, Owen Yap invited Sonia to sign on BONIA imported yellow trunk from Italy. As a token of appreciation from BONIA, Mr Geoffroy presented a bouquet of flower and a classic trunk to Sonia Sui.

BONIA Special Campaign presenting Sonia Sui (TVC)

In conjunction with the press conference, BONIA launched its TVC special campaign – “It’s my Decision with BONIA” featuring Sonia Sui in which, the ladies bags and shoe collection reflect her elegant and classy personalities with various versatilities.

As BONIA understands the busy lifestyle of a popular celebrity, Sonia Sui and BONIA’s designer team create a collection which reflects Sonia’s personalities which are socially active, being confident, practical and versatile.

“It’s my Decision with BONIA because wherever and whenever I go, with BONIA by my side, I can be elegant, confident, and gorgeous,” acclaimed by Sonia Sui.

“BONIA is proud to partner with this highly sought-after Taiwanese model and actress as we believe she will bring a new and refreshing image to the brand while breaking into the Chinese market,” explained by Daniel Chiang, BONIA’s brand director.

Sonia Sui’s Own Design Collection

“It is truly a great honor to represent a brand that is rich in its heritage and quality. In this leatherwear collection, it offers an opportunity for me to explore and experiences the process of craftsmanship, quality, design and many other prospects,” said Sonia Sui. The international brand ambassador of BONIA spent one month to design her very own unique bag, which made of genuine leather and a unique trunk shape. “My aim was to design a functional, versatile, and practical bag to cater all young modern urban ladies who are busy with their lifestyles, just like me,” she explained. Upon selection of bag’s shape, she chooses to have a special shape which inspired by a hatter trunk shape that requires a high craftsmanship. By adding on tassels accessories in her design, this will show a more feminine side of the collection. She is excited as this is her first design for branded bags as well!

Fashion Show and Photo Session

After the TVC, BONIA organized a ‘Live mannequin’ whereby a group of models showcasing BONIA's latest collections. Sonia Sui was invited to pose along with the models, as she was delighted to show her unique mini trunk bag. The media conference ended with a group photo-shooting of Sonia Sui, BONIA directors, and the VIPs of the event.


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