Sembonia ECOllection 2013

  • 17 Jul
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Sembonia provides the means to a stylish lifestyle. With exquisite designs and quality materials, it brings out the style in you and is definitely a one-of-a-kind take on how you can express yourself through fashion. The brand’s modern lifestyle collection has always been targeting the young and fashion conscious, providing a freshness in timeless trends. 

Since established in 1994, Sembonia is one of the fastest growing brands of leatherwear. It is very much an established brand with an extensive range of products that includes shoes, bags and other leather accessories.  Sembonia – representing the exquisite quality and authenticity of a designer’s taste and style from the yesteryears, and to the present.  

Going Green: Sembonia Debuts The Use of ECO-LETHER
The brand produces environmentally-friendly leather goods with the use of leather made from the GreenTech tanning technology

Now you can be a conscientious fashionista with Sembonia’s latest ECOllection. The collection uses leathers that are safe – both for the environment as well as consumers – and through this, fans of SEMBONIA can continue enjoying their stylish leather goods, minus the guilt associated with not being eco-friendly.  

What is it?
Eco-leather is produced using the GreenTech “wet-white” tanning technology without using chrome or other heavy metals that are considered harmful to health and the environment. The process is closely monitored and controlled – from the purchase of the raw hides right through to the final product using only the best chemical products available – thus ensuring leather of the highest quality.  

What are the advantages? Producing eco-leather using the GreenTech tanning process makes it safer for the environment without harmful waste products. This process also makes the leather more biodegradable as well as it lowers the pH of the material. Hence, you get bags that are naturally bright in colour with a low risk of causing contact dermatitis.   

How is it different from other conventional tanning processes?
Indeed the majority of leather manufactured today is tanned with chromium salts and the resulting product gives generally good performance in most products. However, for various reasons, the chrome tanning of leather is becoming increasingly scrutinised for the adverse effects it can cause.  

For an example, some people with sensitive skin can develop contact dermatitis with chrome-tanned leather. Also, the chrome content in waste trimmings and shavings makes disposal difficult.  

Why is the GreenTech tanning process considered safer?
The GreenTech tanning process uses glutaraldehyde rather than chromium salts. With this, the leather tanned biodegrades much better, plus the tannery wastes are reduced as well. More than that, old worn out leather items produced from the GreenTech tanning process can be composted and used to improve the soil.   

Sembonia’s essential silhouettes – Always Tote, Mysterious Satchel and Truly Hobo, remain the main staples in the ECOllection range. They are now available at SEMBONIA boutiques nationwide.  


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