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Kuala Lumpur, March 6, 2013 - HerbaLine has launched its “Beauty For All Ambassador Search 2013”. The search pays tribute to the true essence of beauty which transcends physical attributes.

According to the Statistics Brain research on March 2013, there are 100,000 beauty pageants held in US annually.  In Malaysia, the number of beauty pageants are bountiful and boasts many varieties– but all mainly hailing the physical beauty.

For the first time, - HerbaLine’s “Beauty For All Ambassador Search 2013” is not confined to physical beauty and is open to women or men across all ages.


According to Mr C.K Low, Managing Director of HerbaLine –  the ambassador search is HerbaLine’s way of recognising true beauty and rewards participants who encapsulates the true qualities and essence of beauty.

“When asked to define beauty, many think of the physical appearance like a beautiful face and a great-looking body.  When you do a search on the meaning of beauty in the dictionary, beauty is defined as the combination of qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind. 

So, beauty is very individualistic and can come from factors like the personality characteristics, unique appeal and attraction, and never underestimate the X-factor that sets that person apart from everyone else.  

“In our search - we look for that unique quality and spirit that reflect that age be it if you are teenager exuding vibrance and sparkle of life, or a working female full of  confidence and inner glow.  If you are in your 60s, beauty qualities can come in the form of maturity, being young at heart and have a spirit of youthful vitality. As for men, we scrutinize qualities including boldness, charisma and charm.

The Grand Prizes for our top 4 ambassadors each included 1 Day trip to the Kuala Terengganu Heaven Spa (including flight ticket and airport transfer), annual personal facial treatment passport up to 18 times a year and also a range of products with value worth RM1000. Total worth of prizes for each winner is RM3,999.00.

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